Write your heart out in 2018

Write Your Heart Out is our flagship journal. This timeless keepsake is filled with everyday journaling prompts to help you preserve your story throughout the year. The journal comes in five classic colours—black, green, grey, navy, and white. The journal has 180 pages, and every page has a prompt. The prompts are intentionally numbered, rather than dated, so that you have the freedom to write when you want to. Shop the 2018 flagship collection now and start writing your heart out.

Preserve your story

Our flagship journal is all about inspiring you to write and preserve your story. The story of your everyday life. The stories buried deep inside your heart. Stories about those who have touched your life. Stories that you may not otherwise think about. Write Your Heart Out will help you create a precious time capsule for yourself, and for the generations to come.

Heartfelt prompts

Each prompt in Write Your Heart Out has been thoughtfully crafted to help you capture your story. Acting as gentle thought provokers, our heartfelt prompts will help you to see and appreciate the beauty in your everyday life. More importantly, our journal will encourage you to slow down, to delve deep, to draw near to your heart, and to be honest with yourself.  


Handcrafted by experienced bookbinders

Instead of going offshore, we have chosen to partner with Whites Law, a family-owned bindery in Melbourne, to produce our journals in small batches under the one roof. Unlike mass-produced notebooks, our journals are made to order and individually hand sewn and hand bound by experienced craftsmen using traditional machinery and classic bookbinding techniques. As a result, our journals bear the quality of traditional hand-bound books. We plan to share a more detailed overview of the bookbinding process down the track. In the meantime, we encourage you to watch the making of our first journals on the homepage

Meet Ian

Ian (pictured above) heads up the bookbinding team at Whites Law. Not only has Ian been a bookbinder all his life, but both his father and grandfather were bookbinders before him. Ian's story resonated with us both, and he was very accommodating as we followed him around the workshop all day. As we watched him at work—stamping, trimming, case making, gluing, and finishing our prototypes—it was clear to us that this was a man well versed in the art of bookbinding. 

Why Whites Law?

We chose to partner with Whites Law because of their longstanding history in the printing and bookbinding industry, with their library binding business dating back to the early 1900s. When we visited the bindery, we saw for ourselves the detailed attention given to each of their jobs: from one-off student projects through to deed registers and legal binding for government entities. We are more than confident that our journals are in the best of hands.


Classic and timeless design

Inspired by the perennial beauty of old vintage books, our journals have been intentionally designed to remain classic and timeless. No superfluous embellishments. Simple, elegant typography. Unobtrusive prompts. Subtle gold foiling on the cover and spine. A classic colour palette that will never date. These are journals that you will hold on to forever.


Archival quality. Made to last.

SOULT Journals—Archival quality journals, with prompts. Timeless keepsakes to preserve your story forever.
SOULT Journals—Archival quality journals, with prompts. Timeless keepsakes to preserve your story forever.

Smyth sewn binding

Our journals are all section sewn, which means that the pages are physically sewn into the book using binders' thread and further reinforced with fabric backing and adhesive. Library quality and archival safe, this centuries-old bookbinding technique—otherwise known as Smyth sewn binding—produces the highest-quality binding in the bookbinding industry. The Smyth sewn binding also means that our journals lie completely flat when open, making it easy for you to document your story.

SOULT Journals—Archival quality journals, with prompts. Timeless keepsakes to preserve your story forever.

Italian fine art paper

The paper in our journals is a fine art paper stock with a luxurious weight. The paper is manufactured by a family-owned mill in Italy using only pulp that comes from certified responsible forests. The paper has a subtle but beautiful vellum texture and, being acid free and pH neutral, it is also archival.

SOULT Journals—Archival quality journals, with prompts. Timeless keepsakes to preserve your story forever.

English library buckram

Our journals are all covered in a traditional English library buckram that is strong, durable, wipeable, scuff resistant, and water resistant. It is the leading library buckram in the UK, and it is found in many libraries all over the world. Like the paper, the buckram is acid free and pH neutral.

*  *  *  *  *

All this means that our journals are not only beautiful but also archival—made to stand the test of time. They are truly timeless, in every sense of the word.


Responsibly sourced materials

From an environmental and sustainability perspective, the paper and the buckram are both elemental chlorine free, lead free, and heavy metal free. The paper itself is FSC® certified, which means that the pulp is sourced only from responsible forests and managed plantations. Moreover, the two facilities that manufacture our paper and our buckram (in Italy and England respectively) are certified to ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO18001, and both facilities have a long, proven history in their industries. You can read more about this here.