Archival-quality journals, with prompts

Made in Australia using Italian fine art paper and traditional English library buckram, our archival-quality journals are timeless keepsakes that will help you preserve your story—forever. Each journal is individually handcrafted by experienced craftsmen in a family-owned bindery in Melbourne, and every journal is filled with heartfelt prompts to inspire you to capture your story in words. We envision our journals becoming a treasured possession not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones—a keepsake to be passed from one generation to the next. You can read more about our journals here.


Shop our flagship journal

Write Your Heart Out is our flagship journal. This timeless keepsake is filled with everyday journaling prompts to help you preserve your story throughout the year. Each journal has 180 pages, and every page has a prompt. Choose from five classic colours: black, green, grey, navy, and white. The 2018 flagship collection is available for pre-order up until 31 October 2017. 


The making of our journals

We flew down to Melbourne to watch our first batch of journals being trimmed, sewn, stamped, and bound. It was an experience neither of us will ever forget. We are incredibly grateful to be partnering with the team at Whites Law, who have helped us turn our dream into a reality. If you have a spare moment, make a cup of tea, sit down in your favourite chair, press play, and journey with us into the beautiful world of bookbinding. You can read more about the journals here.


Our commitment

We care about doing things the right way. We care about being responsible in the way we conduct our business. We care about honouring the true cost of making something beautiful. We won't get everything right in the beginning, but we promise to keep getting better at it. You can read more about our commitment to being responsible here.


Read our story

It was an idea for a workshop that brought us together. From there, we started teaching classes online and published articles and stories that we hoped would inspire others in their memory-keeping endeavours. Then came the Life:Captured Project. And now, here we are—embarking on the next chapter of our journey. Read more about us here.

(Forest image above by Joshua Mikhaiel. Used with permission.)